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Lead Paint Removal

​Lead pigments were used to manufacture household paints and paints for toys because lead enabled the paint to last longer and adhere to surfaces better. Studies began to reveal that lead-based paints presented significant health risks for both children and adults when ingested or inhaled, including brain damage, behavioral problems and learning problems in children, and reproductive issues in adults. Kidney damage, nerve damage, seizures and even death were also shown to be a result of overexposure to lead. Because of these risks, the sale and use of lead paints were outlawed in the United States by the EPA in 1978.
Homes built prior to 1978 should be tested for the presence of lead in paint and surrounding soil. When lead testing yields a positive result in a home or commercial building, it is critical to hire an EPA-Lead Safe certified team, such as the We Rescue You team, to perform the lead abatement in order to guarantee the removal of all lead hazards.

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